Leigh Anne Parry

Winnipeg · Canada

Leigh Anne Parry is the Chair of Winnipeg Trails Association and a key organizer of the Mode Shift festival/conference.
Her commitment to the creative and inter-sectoral modal of Winnipeg Trails Association is informed by her experience as a performance director and curator, sound artist, project and events manager, horticulturist, place maker, director of an arts organization, and bicycle advocate. Leigh Anne’s work is almost always intersectoral, multidisciplinary and collaborative. She has been a collaborator on a diverse roster of projects including: The Plain Bicycle project (a culture bomb of Dutch bicycles), the Landless Farmers Collective (an urban farm and landscaping project in a city-owned park), From the Seat of A Canoe (a performance/installation that drew attention to riverine environments in the city), A Lingering Darkness (a series of installations curated for Cluster Festival that focused on what we lose when we lose the night sky), and Young Lungs Dance Exchange (an artist-run dance organization).