Janice Lukes

Winnipeg · Canada

Janice Lukes is currently city Councillor for Waverley West and services on a variety of City Committees. She holds the role of Co-Chair of the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region and has held the roles of Acting Deputy Mayor and Chair of Public Works. Janice has been advocating to improve active transportation in Winnipeg for the past 16 years. Prior to being elected, she held the position of Winnipeg Trails Association Coordinator for 8 years, under the guidance of the Associations chair, Paul Jordan. She’s been a Director role on Manitoba’s Trans Canada Trail Association for 6 years, was a member of the City’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee for 8 years, a member of Rapid Transit Phase one Advisory Committee and Chaired the Provincial Government’s first report on moving Active Transportation forward. Janice has worked with all levels of government to secure funding support and enable policy changes to improve active transportation. Following the Federal $20M funding allocation to Winnipeg towards active transportation improvements, she worked extensively with the Green Action Centre on active and safe routes to school. In 2014, she ran for public office and continues to work towards positive change in the field of active transportation.