Nothing for us without us….  KidMODE is a whole festival stream aimed at youth (and the young at heart), often integrated with adult programming and with a creative or playful focus.

KidMODE Events: This year’s ModeShift festival includes targeted special events and reserved spaces for youth in all events. Young people are encouraged to join us for all daytime events, but especially the outdoor activities, walkabouts and launch of international Walk to School month at IRCOM on Wed, Oct.1. Join others for outdoor activities including outdoor board games, building street furniture, playing street hockey, street painting, street food from around the world and more!

Many of our events delve deep into transportation issues facing youth and are recommended for any keen young person looking to change the world. Good bets include the plenary conference on Thursday October 3rd and Friday’s traffic calming masterclass with Jen Malzer at the Forks.

Teachers, contact us today to make arrangements.

KidMode print materials and contest: Teachers you can download and print the 2019 Transportation Ideas Workbook.  Learn about street hockey, traffic calming and other ways to reimagine streets. Students, share your ideas. And Win!