IRCOM Street Party

Street Lab: an IRCOM + Modeshift Party
For kids of all ages who want a fun creative city


As part of a legacy project for the Modeshift festival, Winnipeg Trails Association is working with Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba to help transform a street in front of the residences on Ellen into a community-led traffic calmed street. At the street party, there will be kids games, street hockey and a mobile workshop with materials and tools to help residents and community members design and build examples of what traffic calming measures could look like. Measures like benches, garden boxes, tables, and whatever else can be dreamed, that improve the safety and quality of life for the community. 

What we hope to show with this project is that traffic calming can be quick, cheap and easily deployable. 

That not only does calming traffic around a playground save lives but it also calms people, like parents and family members for example who worry about the risk of danger posed by large vehicles able to go too easily at such high speeds down the street. We would also like to demonstrate the support for ideas like this that can and will transform our city into a human-scale, dementia-friendly, equitable, vision-zero city.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019  



Masterclass with Amina Yasin

10am – 5:30pm – Building traffic calming measures on the street 

10am – 2pm – Walktober launch with kids activities like painting traffic calming/wayfinding signs with Art City

3:30 – 5:30 – IRCOM soccer team (Pending)

5:30ish – 7:30pm (or when your mom says you have to come home!) – Street hockey game with special guests as captains (including Venla Hovi of the Finnish team)

7:30 – 11pm – general enjoyment of streetscape with music, food, games and last minute design touches

Music and food all day!

Takes Place?

Ellen Street (Between McDermot and Bannatyne) 

Thanks to?

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM)

Children’s Health Research Institutes of Manitoba 

Green Action Centre’s Active and Safe Routes to School

Art City Inc. 

Contempra Signs

Orioles Bike Cage (DMSMCA)

Diffraction LTD.

Lights Unlimited

NumberTEN Architectural Group
Natural Cycle

The Wrench

Peg City Car Co-op

Safe Speeds Wpg

Western Paint

The City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Trails Association


Want to see your name here? 

If you would like to participate in activities, donate materials, or volunteer please contact [email protected]


paint, wood, metal, your imagination, tools, basketball nets, trees, soil, food hmm… what else you got?


Also happening on Wednesday at IRCOM – open to all

Modeshift Masterclasses:

9am – 12pm IRCOM MPR – Amina Yasin – Dementia-Friendly Cities and Patterns of Inequity in Urban Planning 

And at Modeshift throughout the week – open to all

Modeshift Schedule

Some visual ideas contributed by Diffraction Ltd: